Here is some of the wonderful feedback I’ve received from clients and case studies in the past:

I’m a qualified reflexologist, which means during my training and many CPD days, I have had dozens if not hundreds of practitioners give me reflexology.  However, Tania is by far my favourite person to go to for reflexology.  She is very talented both technically and uses her intuition to give a fantastic treatment.  My feet feel very different after a treatment with her than they feel after treatments with anyone else in a great way.  Her treatments are firm but she knows when to go firm and when to let up.

She is the only reflexologist I go to because her treatments really are second to none in my opinion.  It also helps that she is friendly, compassionate and knows her stuff.  I always feel energised afterwards and she has a knack of finding the problem spots very quickly.  She is a truly gifted therapist.

Rachel from

Tania has been my go to for reflexology for over 7 years now and has been my sanctuary during times of heart break, post-natal anxiety and whenever I’ve just needed a little TLC.  As much we love to natter I find that after a few minutes we both stop talking and instead our hands and feet start their own little conversation!  Truly such a relaxing experience and I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Lisa, Horley

I was fortunate enough to have a wonderful treatment by Tania.  I had never experienced this type of treatment before and was truly amazed by it.  Throughout the session I was aware of quite vivid colours and bright white light, which was very soothing and relaxing. I was quite amazed that I was able to quite clearly see and follow patterns of white light in figures of eight, which afterwards Tania explained that was how she had been using the tuning forks. At one point I could feel vibrations in my jaw where I was currently having problems with a crowned tooth.  Prior to Tania’s treatment, I had been having uncomfortable pain in the tooth, but after her treatment the pain had dispersed.  Also at the time I was having a problem with a stiff right shoulder and found this relieved after the treatments.   I was so grateful for this as the tooth pain had been nagging for a few days.     Tania was able to realign my chakras and I felt wonderful after the treatments.  I am looking forward to more.

Linda, Reigate – after 3 tuning fork sessions

I very much enjoyed all 3 sessions, the sensations of movement, of expansion in and around my body. The first one I slept most of the time, and was extremely emotional later in the evening, There is illness in the family so feel emotional anyway.  The 2nd was lovely although it came to a point where I had to ask Tania to stop with head tuning as the pressure on my crown was very uncomfortable. The 3rd felt lovely, energising and scintillating, and brought some more emotion quite quickly after.  It cleared the way to my finding a lovely set of Chi Gong movements I have been repeating twice daily and felt great benefit, so thankyou Tania and all vibrations!

Karen, Reigate – after 3 tuning fork sessions

The tuning forks are amazing and have cleared some more of my grief.  It’s been building since my last treatment with you and finally on Friday night I crawled into bed and cried a lot for my dad.  It needed to happen and was really therapeutic.  I love the forks!!  And thanks for the yoga exercise advice – I’ve been doing the camel cat thing and it is helping my back and neck xx

Claire, Wallington – after 3 tuning fork sessions

The tuning fork session I received from Tania was relaxing, once I became comfortable with the forks ringing.  When I stopped listening to the strikes, or concentrating on them should I say, I then fell into a relaxing trance-like state and all I could feel was vibration.  After the session I felt more attuned, relaxed, balanced and content.

Luke, Banstead – after a single tuning fork session

I would just like to say thank you for my tuning fork session yesterday.  It was an amazing experience.  I was very relaxed and was dreaming away.  I found that when the tuning forks touched my body it made my body jump I was so relaxed.  I also saw waves and a white light which was amazing.  I took the white light for granted for a while throughout the experience.  At times I could sense the sounds wave go through my body.  Amazing!

I was very relaxed afterwards. Thank you!

Gemma, Redhill – after a single tuning fork session

I very much enjoyed the experience and felt I was taken to another place which was very calming and relaxing and I also felt my body was given special healing “information” by the vibrational experience of the tuning forks.  I very much liked the two aspects of hearing the tones and being touched by them as well! …..would definitely have another treatment!

Thank you very much.

Anthony, Reigate – after a single tuning fork session

I have been visiting Tania for reflexology for over three years now. As a young mother to three children life is at times hectic so a session with Tania is something l look forward to and cherish. Reflexology rebalances and energises me, as well as enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and Tania’s kind, professional approach.

Josie, Walton-on-the-Hill